What Is VIG?

  • Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) is double glazing with a cavity of only 0.2 mm pumped out to a high vacuum. It achieves remarkable results as an acoustic and thermal insulator.

  • VIG units fit into everything, so you change the glazing, not the windows and doors.

  • As legislation related to sustainable use of resources becomes stricter, 'traditional' forms of glazing will struggle to keep up. VIG is ahead of the game.

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Tech Specs - the Old

Tech Specs - the New

Varieties and Uses

  • Yellow - for heritage windows and doors, sash windows, etc. The thinnest VIG on the market.

  • Green - for re-glazing modern timber, PVC and aluminium. Available in all sizes from small to large.

  • Blue - with a reusable evacuation port allowing the unit to be re-vacuumed to last even longer.